FiveStrokes is a freelance design studio that was founded in 2014 by me, Marion Kapferer, an artist and graphic designer with over 10 years of professional experience. I graduated with honors as Master of Arts from the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria in 2012. After studying Multi Media Art with focus on Animation and Game Design, I worked in the games industry for three years, where I created all kinds of 2D- and 3D-graphics and animations.

In August 2013 I released my first book: Light Aesthetics in Games (Click to go to the Amazon page.) If you are interested in lighting as a design tool to be used in level design and concept art for games, please have a look at it!

Since February ’15 I also hold guest lectures and courses in Concept Art and Digital Painting.

FiveStrokes is not only a brand name for high quality digital graphic work, but also creates custom apparel and traditional canvas paintings for sale and commission. For any business inquiries please contact me through this website or via email:








Examples for available services:
  • Concept Art for Games or Film
  • Character-, Weapon- and Environment Design
  • 2D Animations & Assets for Games
  • 3D Models for in-engine use
  • Effects Animations
  • Icons and User Interface Designs
  • Illustrations for children
  • CD Cover & merchandise designs for bands and musicians
  • Animations for youtube videos, tv-series or advertising
  • Guest lectures for art programmes at universities or schools
  • Flyer-, poster and other print designs for marketing
  • 3D product visualization
  • Architectural visualizations for homes, hotels, shops and others